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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  April 12, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> just hit us. >> collision on the tar mafnlgt two planes filled with passengers. >> the dramatic home video and air traffic recordings of the near disaster. >> hi. i'm mary bubala. >> i'm kai jackson. >> it was a violent crash. the world's largest passenger plane a double decker airbus collides with a commuter plane at jfk airport. manuel gallegus reports. both planes are being inspected right now by the ntsb. >> reporter: am mature video captured the impact when an air flans jumbo jet collided with a commuter jet it. slamed into a delta come air jet spinning it 90 degrees.
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>> just hit us. >> attention all emergency equipment. respond. >> reporter: the airbus was taxiing for takeoff when it hit the other plane that landed from boston. it bent the tail of the commuter jet. >> we were waiting. we were all having a chat and then suddenly there was this big bang from one side of the plane. >> it pushed it around the other way. so there's a big skid mark on the tarmac. >> both jets were towed away. investigators from the federal aviation administration are trying to figure out what happened. the airbus 380 is the world's largest commercial jet. 62 passengers and four -- no one was hurt in the collision. air france says it's
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cooperating with the investigation. the airline is running the flight from new york to paris later today. dangerous work. today a 46-year-old man is killed at the dundalk marine terminal. it's at broening highway. the man was run over by a maryland survival truck. police are investigating the incident. a carroll county woman is shot dead by a state trooper. tonight an investigation into exactly what happened. maryland police trooper responded to upper beckleyvilles road. when he arrived, 40-year-old satina white was threatening him with a gun. she refused to put this down, he fired and she died at shock trauma. alert level rises as the severity of the crisis at the nuclear plant in just is now on
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mar with chernobyl. workers are still trying to get control of the crippled facility. >> smoke billowed from japan's fukushima plant. officials have elevated the crisis level from five to seven, the highest rating given by regulators and the same as the 1986 nuclear accident at chernobyl. despite the stepped up rating, japanese officials insist the amount liking is on the decline. japan a prime minister said he's ordered the utility that runs the plant to come up with a plan to bring it under control. the united nations nuclear agency said the decision to raise the ranking is not a sign that officials were downplaying the disaster. the senate is trying to figure out how the crisis will affect
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this nation. >> the crisis in japan is a clear reminder we cannot become complacent. >> reporter: for the first time in decades nuclear energy was gaining back. companies were investing in new plants but that support has started to slip. japanese officials assure the public there's little chance the radiation leak will grow larger than chernobyl but are afraid it could be the scene of another nuclear accident if the workers can't get the plant under control soon. >> the disasters in japan are believed to have killed as many as 25,000 people. >> the future of a yoga shop in an upscale bethesda neighborhood. >> reporter: on march the 12th,
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the body of jayna murray was found inside the store. cowork are brittany norwood was -- coworker brittany norwood murdered her. crime is rare in the neighborhood and it's shocking to people who live and work in beth this -- bethesda. . >> lululemon offers support. the 72-year-old was shot at you brothers carryout last april. 19-year-old troy taylor pleaded guilty to the murder and handgun charges. 20-year-old michael hunter is expected to stand trial in june. session 2011 is over. lawmakers worked up to the last muds -- minute to resolve
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issues. >> reporter: the first batch of legislation to become new laws include more than 100 bills passed by the general assembly during the 2011 legislative session. governor o'malley joined the senate for the bill signing ceremony following last night's closure. lawmakers worked right up to the end on two of the most controversial bills before finally approving instate tuition for some children of illegal immigrants. the first increase in a generation. the most far reaching bill signed today, however, brings maryland into compliance with the new federal healthcare law. >> there are not many states who would be able to pull off what this general assembly was able to accomplish, invest maryland, betting on that better future that comes from innovation and science and healing and discovery if we have the guts to
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harness its potential. >> reporter: two he will not be signing off shore wind power and a massive upgrade of the state's septic system. those failed to make it through legislation. >> the first law goes into effect july 1st. mid-april showers started the day. if it's not raining where you are right now, chances are it will be soon. meteorologist bernadette woods is here to tell us more. it was hide and seek with the sun. >> we had another round of rain. the atmosphere is very tush -- turbulent. we see brighter colors to the eastern shore and heading over to delaware. could be thunderstorms in that batch. notice most of the middle doesn't have a whole lot going
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on so lower clouds and drizzle but the center of the storm is way out to the west. as far as temperatures go, we are taking a huge hit from yesterday when we were in the 80s. it's down to 58 degrees. compared to yesterday at this time we are 27 degrees cooler. we're feeling the difference and the rain is still going to continue for a little while. >> we'll head out to our rainy roads and see how they look. kristy breslin is at traffic control. >> the rain is taking its toll on the traffic. traveling on the north side slow from charles street to harford road, same situation on the outer loop, heavy from providence road to the harris burke expressway. from southwestern boulevard over to liberty road and from the
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harbor tunness. southbound 9345 we're watching -- 95 an accident. then eastbound 40 at rolling road and several in baltimore city. edmondson at swan road. pulaski highway at east monument street. you can see traffic moving decently north of child street. there's a look at your traffic on the west side, not a bad drive. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. call 1-800-the firm or visit them online. back to you. showcasing the shuttle. today nasa announces the final flight plan. the oldest is going to the smithsonian. it will sit next to the entreppe
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pied. endeavour's home will be the california science center. following breaking news from the ravens. their preseason schedule to the upcoming season is released. the first week between august 11th to august 15th a play in philadelphia against the eagles. the following week they'll be at home against the kansas city chiefs. then they'll host the redskins it. wraps new atlanta. the regular season schedule will be released in the next couple of weeks. i like hearing that music. >> it does something to you. what is it? i'm enjoying baseball season. it's wonderful. >> i have purple on today. >> you do. it's an omen. still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00, dangerous mistake.
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an order of apple juice at applebee's sends a toddler to the hospital. the intense search for human remains continues in new york. in healthwatch, information that may save your smooches. >> you'll got the forecast coming up. ,, [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could be paying way too much.
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a california jury has not reached a verdict involving bob bon. they couldn't reach a decision after meeting all day friday and monday. bonds is accused of lying to a grand jury about using performance enhancing drugs. a photo of lawrence taylor will not be placed on a sex
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offender registry. the judge said taylor's case is already well known. in january taylor pled guilty to sexual misconduct and sentenced to six years probation. more chilling discoveries on long island. the hunt for a serial killer. >> reporter: as the crime scene expands, so does the mystery. as many as 10 sets of remains have been discover sod far in the thick brush along this desolate stretch of beach. >> you're dealing with a very prolific evil person or group of people. >> reporter: fred klein helped prosecute another long island serial killer in the early '90s named joel riff kin. >> once we got past the initial four and have another cluster of four, nothing will shock me. >> reporter: klein is surprised
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by how close the bodies have been found -- within a few miles of each other. >> which is unique for a serial killer. most of them want to spread the bodies apart so if intun found there's no connection to the other. >> reporter: the search intensified yesterday with more than 125 people combing the beach dunes uncovering remains, including a skull. >> i just know that he's a very sick individual and he needs to be caught as soon as possible. >> reporter: for lynn, this search is personal. her daughter melissa is one of the victims discovered last december. after she disappeared the horror story continued with the younger sister receiving taunting phone calls from a man who may have been the killer. >> she was distraught. >> reporter: but those phone calls may be some of the best evidence investigators have. >> it's definite police have
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good leads, unusual to find a burial site with multiple victims. just from that alone they've got leads. >> authorities in new york are denying reports they have identified a suspect. the crisis in japan continues to impact the dow. wall street didn't respond well to the update. the dow was down more than 100 points, the s&p off 10. the nasdaq dropped 27. let's go to alexis christoforous. >> the price of oil tumbled more than $3 after goldman sachs said that crude is due for a substantial pullback. supplies remain adequate even though the rebellion in libya shut down supply. oil prices are up 33% since februaryy. u.s. companies sold fewer products overseas in february but the trade deficit still
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narrowed because of a big decline in oil impomplet the government said the trade gap increased. it bought the digital camera company two years ago but the growing popularity of smartphones with hd video cameras has made the need for single use more desirable. it should reresult in 550 job cuts. amazon is slashing $25 off the newest kindle. the catch? there will be advertisements. it will appear on the bottom of the home page and screen savers. it will begin shipping it may 3rd and sold at target and best buy. for more, head to history comes alive in south
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carolina today. it was on this day 150 years ago that con fed pratt soldiers got the order to fire upon ft. sumter starting the civil war a memorial is planned for all of the ones who lost their lives this day. an embarrassing accident. how a special education teacher wound up in trouble. >> ravens ray white pay a visit to an east baltimore school. why he's posing with a milk moustache, i'm andrea fujii. the rain is taking a short break in some places. it's not gone. stick around for your updated forecast. >> is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're getting a touch of a braifnlgt that's how it's been all day long. >> should we hold our breath,
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bern? >> if you want. the center of the storm is way back in kentucky. so weir. >> going to get a few different rounds through tomorrow before we're finally done with the storm. then we'll get our break on thursday. before we get to that, this is what this looks like. here's the ban that just moved through, heavy bursts of rain. the heavier rain is on the eastern shore from cambridge over to chester town. that is moving off to the northeast but out west, you see, there's not much in between but out west there's more in this area. that will spiral up from the south. we're going to get more on and off as we head through the next 24 hours. the clouds came in overnight. here was the first band, started dropping the temperatures. scattered rounds of rain that continued through the afternoon. the winds with the storm moving in have turned around and what a hit we've taken with those
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temperatures. remember yesterday we were in the 80s. 56 in ocean city. 56 in cumberland. compared to yesterday that is a 34-degree swing. down at the ocean it was cooler, a 14-degree swing. here's the center. it's down to the southwest. there's a slot of dry air. it spirals up in this section. that's where we're getting peeks of sunshine. we'll get breaks in the clouds overnight. this will track off to the northeast very slowly. until clears us we're not finished with the rain. until tomorrow the low will be around but that will come to an end later tomorrow. by thursday high pressure comes in. sunshine returns and those temperatures will rebound. out on the waters, we have winds out of the east. that will turn around to the north. the forecast for tonight rounds
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of rain or drizzle, maybe an isolated thunderstorm, dunn to 48 degrees -- down to 48 degrees. rain and drizzle will come to an end, maybe a few peeks of sunshine. ironically, our high was at midnight. 73 degrees. that's how it's going into the record. it was that warm overnight. it was 73 degrees. >> i had my windows open. this was great. >> had to kick off all the blankets. don't miss tonight's cbs prime-time lineup. don't miss an all new episode of "the good wife." it is getting so good. >> it is good. >> that is followed by eyewitness news at 11. >> lots more ahead. american troops killed fighting
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the taliban. was a marine and navy medic hit by friendly fire. some styles could cause african-americans to lose their hair. an ohio rabbi led police to the suspect. fresh fighting in libya. candy plea mats find an and to,,
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it is 58 degrees with on and off showmplets thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter. >> i'm denise koch. >> charlie d'agata reports from wjz with the latest. >> wounded rebels are led to safety. they are regrouping after clashes with forces loyal to
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moammar gadhafi. government troops also took aim again at the only major city in western libya under partial rebel control. residents say dozens have been killed in recent weeks and food is getting scarce. the latest round follows a failed cease fire. diplomates are meeting again in algeria today. rebel leaders say they will not consider any plan that does not include gadhafi's departure. >> he is a dangerous man. he will never let libya enjoy anything. >> reporter: rebels insist gadhafi will never be drawn from power until there's help. libya's state tv claims nato is
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killing innocent people. government officials said an air strike killed krillians -- civilians south of tripoli. nato is investigates but has no evidence to sport allegation. the secretary general of nato is welcoming efforts to resolve the conflict in libya and said it has become clear it will not be decided on the battlefield. the first case of a u.s. predator drone accidentally firing on american troops. >> reporter: the victims were reportedly trying to meet up with fellow troops when they were hit. a marine and navy medic were killed by a missile when they were mistaken for insurgence. the military as classified their death as friendly fire much the two were approaching a group of marines. the marines undertook them as
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militants. >> under pressure from defense secretary robert gates the airforce has dramatically increased the amount of armed and unarm war drones. the man accused of planting a bomb near a synagogue is in custody but jewish leaders have a lot of questions. >> reporter: services continue at the habad house as they try to keep the peace given a national manhunt appears to be over. he's seen at the greyhound ticket counter in denver. he was nabbed in cleveland heights ohio. >> we're waiting to hear more details from the fbi. >> reporter: and waiting to hear what hire -- he had to say. detectives believe the man created an explosive device. it skyrocketed it in the air and
4:33 pm
into the jewish center. >> gets some charity, handouts. he was quite quiet. >> reporter: that quiet man wasn't able to keep a low profile in ohio where it was believed he was spotted asking for help at a jewish community center there before federal authorities moved. the rabbi said he hopes the man gets the hope he needs. >> we're approaching the holiday of passover, which is known as the holiday of liberation, freedom and that applies to everybody on a personal level as well. >> investigators do not have a motive for the blast but jewish groups said they do not believe this was antisemitism. the man who shot ronald reagan is fighting to spend more time with his family. they are asking the judge to deny john hinckley more
4:34 pm
supervised visits with his mother. he shot president reagan in 1981. washington mayor vincent grape -- gray is back home after spending time behind bars. >> he staged a sit-in over the federal budget deal. they were protesting new restrictions placed upon the district. gray and 41 others were arrested and spent seven hours in jail. it would keep the district from spending its own tax money to provide money for abortions for low income women. >> gray said his city has become a political pawn between republicans, democrats and the white house. it's a gas drilling technique that has many worried. now they want to know more about fracking. it involves the high pressure injection of chemically treated
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water into wells to release trapped natural gals. the industry says fracking is well regulated and safe but opponents believe it could contaminate water supplies. a massachusetts woman is convicted for withholding chemo therapy from her son. she was convicted on a slew of charges. her son died in 2009 at the age of nine. the mother says she stopped giving him the medication because of the severe side effects. she faces more than 30 years in prison. a new study is examining the long-term effects of braiding on african-american air. according to a study, very tight braiding or weaving may be linked to permanent types of hair loss. prolonged pulling pay cause inflammation of the hair follicle and subsequent baldness. well, the rain has stopped
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for now but it's still a very gray day in our area, this afternoon. take a look outside, a lot of clouds. wjz has weather and trafficking to the. bob is here with the updated numbers. >> we're in the 50s now. yesterday we were in the mid-80s. take a look at radar. most of the acttivity east of us and we'll get more rain this afternoon and take a look to the eastern shore. that's where the heaviest activity is going on particularly around newark, from aberdeen east, just east of bel air. that's where it really picks up in intensity and heavy rain. that's east just west of delaware and cambridge and lighter rain on the lower southern to pax river. we may see a spotty shower. it looks like some improvement but not until later in the day
4:37 pm
tomorrow. vic? >> let's check in on the roads with kristy breslin. hi, kristy. congestion is still building. if you're traveling on the north side of the outer loop we're heavy from providence road to the harrisburg expressway. southwest side of the inner loop struggling from southwestern boulevard to liberty road. average speed at 30 miles an hour. busy from moravia over to 95. we're dealing with plenty of accidents. eastbound 40 at rolling road, also in the city edmondson avenue at shawan road. harford at louise avenue. pulaski east of monument. there's a live look. you can see 95 north of 195. it appears traffic is back to normal. cirque du soleil has returned to baltimore with the latest
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production totem. you can still get your tickets at cirque du back to you. >> baltimore ravens player ray rice paid a visit to an east baltimore school sharing a message about healthy living. andrea fujii shows us even more a milk moustache to prove his point. >> reporter: only baltimore ravens' ray wise can rouse a crowd like this. he visited the school after they won the fuel up to play 60 challenge. >> for me, i work out about three to four hours a day. i'm getting a little more than 60 minutes. for you, it takes 60 minutes. >> reporter: the city wide program focuses on them for exercising an hour a day.
4:39 pm
the big award of number 27 coming to their school. >> he helps kids who need help with like obesity and things. >> reporter: as farther -- part of the award, the students took a picture with rice and the mayor. >> first, i want to get my dieting to the. then i'm going to start plague 60 minutes every day. >> reporter: and students are listening since rice is an inspiration to many. >> it's a blessing to come back and give the kids something to look forward to, not only football but to be successful in life. >> reporter: andrea fujii wjz eyewitness news. >> the school plans on adding a salad bar and starting hip-hop dance classes. >> the mayor should wear a milk moustache more often. >> you like that look?
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>> straight ahead, a woman is the victim of a peeping tom. you'll never guess how show found out who it was. >> they're as american as apple pie but one community is say nothing more brown bag lunches. light rain is falling where the skies clear up tomorrow. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dodgers and giants players joined forces to honor the dodgers fan brutally attacked. the team gathered to send a joint measure -- the rivalry must stay on the field. brian stowe was assaulted outside dodgers stadium. he remains in a medically indiced coma. applebee's is making some changes to the way it serves juice after a toddler is mistakenly given alcohol.
4:44 pm
a server gave the toddler a mexed drink instead of apple juice. the child had a blood alcohol level of .1. the restaurant said it will retrain the employees. a 16-year-old is behind bars on charges stemming from a shooting that killed two teens and wounded others at a party last week. >> reporter: he was arraigned on charges including aggravated assault and resisting arrest. the judge said he set bail high to make a statement following -- following the shooting. three people from delaware face charges. no one has been charged in the death of two teens. police say a neighborhood feud may have sparked the feud. >> it's not clear if avery has an thorn. a tractor-trailer created quite a spectacle when it exploded near albany new york.
4:45 pm
the driver pulled over and got out when he saw smoke coming out of his truck. that's when it burst into flames. police are trying to determine why it exploded. new research suggests cavities could be contagious. you might want to check your sweetie's dental records before you lock lips. >> reporter: weave a all heard of catching a cold but catching a cavity? the doctor said you could get tooth decay, even gum disease from sharing a spoon to kissing. >> not going to stop me from kissing. >> i don't want to kiss nobody now. >> reporter: it could plant the seed to a nasty cavity. cavity causing bacteria can easily july from one mom to another. even a mom can transfer it to these tiny teeth. >> if you have the bacteria, it
4:46 pm
will be transferred. so kissing is a way of transferring it. >> reporter: they have been slopping spit for 33 years. a lot of kissing? >> you bet. >> reporter: let me ask you. ever get any cavities after dating? >> no. we have really good teeth. >> the bottom line is good home care will prevent decay and if you're flossing or taking good care of your teeth, whether or not you kiss someone has no bearing. >> and roimpers say on average, women make regular dentist appointments more often than men. a georgia couple accused of ripping off a-middle school students running a lemonade stand, the girls said the woman walked up and grabbed the jar. since the robbery neighbors have
4:47 pm
pitched in to fill a new money jar. a 35-year-old colorado man is accused of a high tech peeping scheme. police say he placed a wireless web cam in his neighbor's bedroom. howard nathan has the bizarre story. >> reporter: one day after a wireless web cam was stashed in her bedroom, she was stunned when she found it. >> it was terrifying. i had no idea who could be at the other end of it. >> reporter: you thought someone right then could be watching you? >> absolutely. >> she unplugged it and called police. this single woman was too scared to sleep in her own bed eye grabbed a knife and my dog and got to a parking lot, locked myself in and tried to sleep. >> reporter: the second shoark. gordon shoe macker installed the camera. he's the next door neighbor. how did she learn he's the
4:48 pm
suspect. >> he stood there, started shaking and he looked at me and said i'm sorry. i'm sorry. it's me. >> reporter: he confess. >> yeah, he chon tested. >> reporter: your reaction? >> i started screaming at me -- him. he said i'm sorry. i haven't done this in a relly long time. and there was a shocker for me. >> reporter: ni choal believes shoe macker opened her home through a door she did not lock. a special education teacher in illinois is out of the class after he made the students show his one underwear. he found feces on the floor and asked the students to go in the bathroom. the students were not exposed
4:49 pm
but he has been removed. the school has instituted a policy against home played lunches to promote healthy eating. many parents say the school provides low quality food handle children go without lunch rather than eat what the school provides. it's a fairy team ending for one of the chilean miners who marries a woman. a handful of his fellow miners were on hand. he and his new bride had been married 25 years ago. the baltimore humane society is taking time out to recognize the bravest. it's from the texas fire station in york road. back on january 17th the crew rescued a dog that had fallen through the ice. the rescued dog was a little
4:50 pm
cold but otherwise okay. >> there he is. i remember when that happened. >> carried it live. >> all right. we're getting much needed rain. >> bob turk is up next to tell >> bob turk is up next to tell us [ horns honking ] [ whistle blows ] [ male announcer ] can the network you live on handle the computers, tvs and technology you can't live without? ♪ verizon fios can. get the power and speed of america's largest 100% fiber optic network. verizon fios. a network ahead.
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here's a live look outside. we didn't get as much rain as i thought. >> we only got about a third of an inch. some areas did get a half inch. it's all to the east of us. take a look at temps. it did go down considerably compared to yesterday. yesterday at this hour we were 84, 85. now we're 58. we said why? because the winds coming in off the ocean bringing that marine component, much cooler, lower cloud deck, much cooler conditions. the barometer holding steady. 56 ocean city and elkton. 61 in washington. 46 in oakland. they were in the 70s yesterday.
4:54 pm
the dew point very close to the temperatures, you can see, which mean has lot of moisture in the air. 57 bel air. 5 down to the south. as far as the rain dids almost all of it from northeast maryland towards delaware and across the low eastern shore around the central maryland area, maybe spotty drizzle. a little bit of solid rain extreme southwest portion. thoontd that will rotate across the region. we'll see more rain into tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon cloudy skies, maybe some breaks in the cloud cover. if we get breaks, temperatures will be picking up. you see the winds, 23, 14. low pressure stalld that frontal system. it split into two pieces. there's some thunderstorm activity going on in the carolinas. the low pressure, you see it spinning down there but there's
4:55 pm
a dry slot. you see the rain to the east of us, even some sun. that may help to create some thunderstorms in virginia. that's why this evening later on, around 9:00 or 10:00 we might see a thundershower. then it rotates across the region. behind this we'll have cloudy skies and maybe a shower into the early afternoon hours. finally tomorrow night this clears out. beautiful weather for thursday and almost all of friday. looks like pleasant sunshine. saturday another front. good chance we'll see rain, unfortunately, on the start of the weekend. north winds gusting to 20 knots. the bay temp around 51. we'll see occasional rain, maybe a thundershower but 48 later on. tomorrow morning shower, otherwise, plenty of clouds, a high near 60. if we get any sun, it will be warmer. that's close to normal.
4:56 pm
>> too bad. i can remember. still to come on create -- eyewitness news tonight. >> could george hughley get out of prison for killing his,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
the possible -- i'm alex demetrick where maryland's newest laws were signed. and then this big bang from one side of the plane. >> a major fender bender at jfk
4:59 pm
airport. >> eyewitness news news at 5 starts right now. legal maneuvers, the murder of a cockeysville native and la crosse star. >> the strategy that could mean less time in jail for the suspect. >> hi, esh. i'm mary bubala. >> i'm kai jackson. >> george huguely is facing life in prison if convicted of killing yeardley love. tonight we're learn mooring about her final moments alive and the dse


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